KRAV-labeled sugar tongs

Nutritional Ingredient - Sustainable Farming and Raw Material from Sweden
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Growing food for tomorrow

A diet that contains more vegetable-grown food from the sea has several advantages:

  • Increased health through a more nutritious diet with minerals and vitamins from the sea
  • A plant-based ingredient that enhances umami and tastes from the Asian cusine
  • Improved marine environment in the form of increased biodiversity and reduced CO2 in the atmosphere

Sugar tongs in different shapes

We develop the products of today and collaborate with some of the country's top chefs and food creators who produce tasty and easy-to-use products.

We offer sugar kelp in a number of various forms. The sugar kelp is packed with minerals and vitamins and is a natural source of umami, iodine and salt.

You want to try it yourself, don't you?

Vegetables of the future grow in the sea, will you grow with us?

We are happy to dive into collaborations and develop new product concepts.
It would be fun to create tomorrow's food together!

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