Seaweed burger

Seaweed burger

Hamburgers in all their glory, it can rarely go wrong but sometimes it can be fun to twist it up a bit. 
Juicy bean steaks with seaweed fried until perfectly crispy. Serve with a delicious hamburger bun or as is with roasted root vegetables, fresh vegetables and a tasty sauce.

Approximately 12 servings


300 g mushrooms

9 cloves of garlic

3 teaspoons dried thyme

3 teaspoons soy sauce, preferably Japanese

9 dl black beans, cooked.

2 dl frozen, blanched seaweed 

3 dl breadcrumbs

6 dl sunflower seeds

6 dl cheese, grated

Do this:

Finely chop the mushrooms and garlic. Fry on medium heat in a dry frying pan with the thyme and soy sauce until softened. Thaw the seaweed. Finely grind the sunflower seeds, then add the thawed seaweed. Stir together the black beans, the mixed sunflower seeds & seaweed, breadcrumbs, grated cheese and the fried mushrooms. Knead everything together with your hands so that the beans are mashed and until you get a smooth mixture. Shape into steaks and fry over a medium heat in a little oil until golden on both sides.


If the batter feels too wet, you can add more breadcrumbs. If it feels too dry, add a little water to make it smooth.

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