Peas of Heaven and Nordic Seafarm start cooperation

Peas of Heaven and Nordic Seafarm start a partnership for the development of

herbal products with seaweed. The goal is to develop the next generation

plant-based products with Swedish seaweed as an ingredient.

Interest in tasty and nutritious vegetarian products is constantly growing, while more and more

customers are demanding more local and sustainable ingredients. Peas of Heaven is a leading player in

segment for herbal products and now chooses to start a cooperation with Sweden's largest

seaweed farmer, Nordic Seafarm, to develop vegetarian products with seaweed as an ingredient.

- It feels very exciting to develop products with sustainably grown seaweed from Sweden, we

see it as an ingredient that can make a difference and play an important role in the next generation of plant-based

products. - Julia Granung, Head of Products and R&D, Peas of Heaven

Nordic SeaFarm is Sweden's largest producer of seaweed, which is grown sustainably and scalably on the company's

sea farms off the coast of Fjällbacken in Bohuslän. The project also involves RISE, the Swedish Research Institute

and innovation partner, with its unique expertise and demonstration environments for future-proof

technologies and products.

- We are delighted that a prominent and leading player like Peas and Heaven sees seaweed as

a future ingredient in their products. Swedish seaweed is not only a climate-smart raw material but can also

contribute functionally with both flavour, nutritional values and texture. We are very much looking forward to

Sebastian Larsson, Head of Product Development, Nordic Seafarm

The cooperation and development work started in early 2023 with a common intention to

launch products containing seaweed in the coming year.

For more information, please contact below.

Julia Granung

Head of products and R&D

Peas of Heaven

+46 793 404 384

Sebastian Larsson

Head of Product Development

Nordic Seafarm

+46 702 332 335

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