How do I use dried sugar kelp?

Dried sugar kelp is full of flavor...

... and is ideal as a seasoning and salt sensor in e.g. a spice mixture or rub, but also in stews or soups. The dried sugar kelp also bind liquid well and can be used in mince or various types of bread.

Dried sugar kelp can also be used as sprinkles in a salad or right you want to give extra character, where the seaweed contributes with umami and highlights a depth in the flavors around it.

For the creative, there are no rules on how the sugar tongs can or should be used. Below you will find examples of areas we use sugar kelp for everyday use

  • Add directly to fish soup or ramen soup
  • Sprinkle like powder on a salad
  • Ingredient in your homemade seaweed salt
  • Boil down to a broth and use in risotto
  • Mix in batter for bread and seaweed
  • Smoked dried sugar kelp gives a strong taste of umami in sauce or mayonnaise

Where can I find recipes for dried sugar kelp ?

Nordic SeaFarm has its own recipe bank with sugar kelp that you can find here

The Swedish company Catxalot (which also offers seaweed courses) also has several tasty recipes that you can find here

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