Finalist in the Impact Maker of the Year Award

Stockholm 2023-05-31

The finalists of the Impact Maker Award have been selected.

For the third year in a row, the Impact Maker Award, a competition for start-ups in the food industry, is being organized to inspire and highlight innovative companies that make a difference.

The aim of the award is to highlight innovative start-ups in the food system as a source of inspiration for successful innovation. The ambition is for more actors in trade, industry and the supply chain to see the collaboration potential of startups and how they can be a powerful source of innovation. In a broader systemic context, the prize will also inspire and contribute to making many more good examples of startup concepts and growth journeys visible.

This year's finalists are selected from twenty nominated companies. The finalists will pitch to a jury at the industry forum Livsmedelsdagarna and then the winner will be chosen. The final decision will be made on September 21 - "We are very pleased with the large number of nominations we have received. A strong line-up of innovative concepts that bodes well for the future of the food system. We congratulate the three finalists and look forward to their pitches in the final," says Elén Faxö, board member of Food in Focus.

The winner is awarded a title and receives SEK 100 000. The prize will be used to further develop their innovation in the food sector. The jury consists of representatives from Bird & Bird, Lantmännen, Paulig and Vinnova. All are partners in the competition.

The three finalists are:
‍ForReal!Foods Who have a clear ambition to get more people to eat healthily and want to contribute to public health. In their factory in Skärhamn on Tjörn, new food experiences are tested, explored and developed with care for the quality, a lot of taste and with a close eye on the content. They are passionate about reducing the unnecessary use of the earth's resources. The most important thing for them is therefore to produce only nutritious and healthy food that gives us energy and that we feel good about eating. Their products are therefore designed with the following philosophy: nutrient-dense, frozen to reduce waste, and made from locally sourced ingredients. The company produces frozen pizzas full of nutrition and without additives, based on largely local ingredients. The pizzas contain significantly more protein, fiber and micronutrients despite fewer calories than regular pizza. In addition, the pizzas are gluten-free as the bases are made from either white cabbage or Bjäre chicken. Not necessary for everyone, but desired by many.

Irriot Irriot has a solution to ensure that we can smoothly irrigate the soil, even as temperatures rise and soil water availability becomes more uncertain. They deliver the next generation of commercial irrigation management. IRRIOT's platform enables efficient irrigation where it was previously impossible or impractical. As an irrigation solution, IRRIOT aims to achieve optimal soil conditions by intelligently sizing the amount of water to each zone. An irrigation controller controls solenoid valves from a central computer, a controller. The main difference between IRRIOT's wireless irrigation controller and a traditional controller is the use of two-way wireless communication between the controller and the remote unit. In practice, this means that IRRIOT introduces wireless valves that can be installed no matter how inaccessible the location is (1-5km from the controller). The platform consists of several parts - the wireless controller, wireless remote stations and cloud technology (which allows you to control and monitor everything from your phone).

Nordic Seafarm Nordic Seafarm is a company that has managed to take the cultivation of seaweed to a whole new level. Founded by world-leading scientists in the field and after several years of research, they have found an effective way to grow tasty and edible seaweed off the west coast of Sweden. By utilizing empty sea areas, Nordic Seafarm can produce seaweed an exciting source of protein and an innovative substitute for meat and other vegetables grown on land. Their cultivation of seaweed is unique as it does not require any land area. Nordic Seafarm's products can be an important part of the blue revolution where new protein sources are crucial to feed a growing population, while saving our oceans from eutrophication and collapsing ecosystems. With its solid research and innovative technology, it's easy to trust that Nordic Seafarm is a company that delivers high-quality products and contributes to a sustainable future.

For further information Cecilia Öster, Executive Director Food in Focus 0706067045

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