Checking in with our master of taste Björn Ahlqvist

Hi Bear! Who are you and what's your background?

Björn Ahlqvist

I'm a professional manager and have worked in many fun places such as Hypoteket in Lund, the Swedish Embassy in Oslo, at a fishing boat for one year(!) - and most recently I have been appointed head manager at Vann Spa! I am passionate about sustainable farming and locally produced products &very excited to start contributing to the culinary development at Vann and will surely get some seaweed on the menu in some ways.

What one item would you bring to a desert island?

Although I'm somehwat biased I have to say Sea lettuce! That's a green seaweed species that grows in colonies and is relatively easy to cultivate.

What aspect of seaweed do you find most interesting?

It's a fantastic crop and gives more than it takes. Which in practice means that it absorbs CO2, is unique in many ways and is healthy. You can also make pretty nice stuff which is also new in this part of the world.

What is your favourite seaweed dish?  

A vegan noodle dashi with sugar kelp and celeriac! We tried it at Koster a few weeks back and it was a new experience and opened up my brain to many new ideas.  

What are you plans for the summer?

Kick-start the work together will all my new colleagues at Vann and put a lot of focus there and also develop some more tasty seaweed dishes for Nordic SeaFarm . And of course enjoy the Swedish summer and relax when there's time.

Thanks Björn and have a great summer!

Scratch kitchen &photo shoot with seaweed

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