Ceviche with blackberries, ice cream and seaweed

Ceviche with blackberries, ice cream & seaweed

What is the golden section of a really good dessert? Sweet, tangy, creamy and crunchy! Here's a simple but equally delicious dessert to serve at the weekend or whenever the sweet tooth strikes. Best eaten on a balmy August evening under the patio or on the TV couch with the curtains drawn in front of a good TV show. It's up to you.

You need:

-1 dl Raspberries & blackberries (or other berries you have on hand)

-1 scoop of vanilla ice cream

-1 tsp Dried seaweed, powder

-½ dl Crumbled sea crust (1 slice of crispbread)

-1 tsp Lemon juice

-1 tsp Lemon zest

-Sugar at will

Do this:

1. Mix the lemon, sugar and seaweed powder with the berries. Let steep for a while until it releases liquid.

2. Crumble the crispbread into smaller pieces.

3. Serve with sea snail crumbs in the bottom, top with berries and a sturdy glass scoop. Sprinkle with seaweed powder.

Et voilà - a dessert with a taste of summer.

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