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Linnéa Sjögren and Karolina Martinson are seaweed divers and have been organising courses and picking seaweed and seaweed for many years, which they sell to restaurants. Here they share their collective knowledge to raise awareness of the pantry that is readily available just below the sea surface and along the shoreline.

It's time to give seaweed its rightful place in our food culture. With its exciting taste, texture and beauty, it is an asset in both cooking and baking - and what's more, seaweed is both healthy and environmentally friendly.

Some 20 steam plants and 30 shoreline plants are presented with information on harvest season, nutrient content and application tips. You will get a basis for harvesting both seaweed and shore plants in a sustainable way. The book also includes basic techniques for storing, drying, pickling and salting seaweed and around 70 recipes for everything from accompaniments, such as seaweed bread, reed oil and seaweed kimchi, to whole dishes such as crepe in sugar kelp, seaweed tacos and pasta with mussels and sea lettuce.

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